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•you're all surrounded
•hunter x hunter
•running man

•cheese in the trap
•hunter x hunter

•eyes, nose, lips
•gotta be youk
•drawing the line

투엔이원 짱!

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YAMAKEN IS so so important

bbys: hisoka, kakashi, oikawa, and hinata!!


Swageyama Tobio in Disneylaaaaaaand.
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익명 회원 asked;
how do you write beautiful in chinese?
perks-of-being-chinese replied;

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bonjourhime asked;
Vivian ~

hi vivian!! //btw im going to reply to ur message soon once i stop feeling lazy ;u;<333// hope ur doing well~~~

v: still doll - vampire knight ed
i: itsumo nande demo - spirited away soundtrack
v: cruel angel’s thesis - neon genesis evangelion op
i: in the rain (ame no naka de) - howl’s moving castle soundtrack
a: in my world - ao no exorcist op 2
n: sakura kiss - ouran high school host club op

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haikyuubi asked;

LOL yes i do like exo (exo-m specifically u w ub)

p.s. i love your icon trashy smile i cant <3

k: kimi ni todoke op
u: uragiri no yuuyake - durarara op
r: rose - lee hi
o: don’t go - exo
o: history - exo

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obakamono asked;
I have no clue if those you're doing are old or new but I really want you to do mine (kim) ;;;;v;

lololol im still doing it heheh xD and how are you doing kim?? c:

/////whispE RS i think ik what you like xD

k: kowakunai - my neighbor totoro soundtrack
i: itsumo nando demo - spirited away soundtrack
m: mushi mezuru hime - nausicaa of the valley of wind

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spectralay asked;
L E N A :3 hiii~

hi lena~~ :D your name is rlly pretty btw ;u;

l: cafe latte - urban zakapa
e: 3.6.5. - exo
n: fantasy - nell
a: 200% - akdong musician

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yagaminatsume asked;
yagami :3

hI FRAND how r u btw xD

y: time forgets - yiruma
a: my soul, your beats - angel beats op
g: guren no yumiya - shingeki no kyojin op
a: ano natsu he (one summer day) - spirited away soundtrack
m: morning in the slag ravine - castle in the sky soundtrack
i: going crazy (piano) - song ji eun

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dimpledprince asked;
makenzee :) :)

hi makenzee (i like ur name btw ;v;)!! sorry if i’m a bit late and thanks for stopping by :)))

m: baby i miss you - 2ne1
a: again and again - 2pm
k: one of a kind - g-dragon
e: i’m a loner - cnblue
n: eyes nose lips - akmu’s version!
z: question mark - zion.t
e: up - epik high
e: lucky - exo-k

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ins0mnia-means-no-nightmares asked;

hi sam~ ^u^ and ty for stopping by :D

s: save rock and roll - fall out boy
a: adele - someone like you
m: maroon 5 - payphone

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sailorjolteon asked;
J O L E E N :)

hi joleen!! and ty :3

j: jyj - in heaven
o: anohana op
l: urban zakapa - cafe latte
e: daisy - kyoukai no kanata
e: exo-m - angel
n: heart realize - noragami

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